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iPad app cant find ...
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iPad app cant find PC Server  

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My windows is running windows 10 with GTX1060

My iPad Air2 is running iPadOS 14 Beta 8 with client app 1.0.34

My iPhone XR is running iOS 14 Beta 8 with client app 1.0.34

Now the situation is my iPhone can detect the server successfully on my iPhone app. However, I can’t find the server on my ipad app (I also tried to input my server ip in it, but it still doesn’t work). I tried HTML5 on my iPad safari, it works but with poor performance though. 

Just wanna know why there’s a connection difference between these two apple device with same iOS version and same app version. 

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @jonathanyoung,
We still have this network discovery bug in our iOS viewer that are already reported by several users before.
So far we still cannot reproduce it on our side and we are still working on a possible fix.
Can you maybe check if both iPhone and iPad are connected on the same wifi network with the same frequency (2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz)?


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