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Ideas and MUST be added  

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To begin with, I did not find the function of suggesting ideas on the official website, so I am here.


  • So I suggest adding options to the program menu, where you can hide the process completely in the processes, or at least in the tray, but it should not happen so that the program hangs in the taskbar. Please, I think I'm not the only one who does not like the program hanging in the taskbar. It bothers and confuses me, because I'm used to seeing a certain number of programs in the taskbar and controlling them. But this program does not require control, I just turned it on and use it 24 removed link
  • You also need to make the function of checking for updates, no, do not automatically check after a certain period, let it be possible to configure it.
Of all the analogues I found on Windows and Android, your program is the best. Thanks for this. Please consider my suggestions.
I'm using PC with Windows 10 as Primary machine server and Android tablet as secondary machine server
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Hi @jacktherio,
Thank you very much for your feedback.

1. Yes, some user actually have similar request for the spacedesk on the taskbar.
As of now, this spacedesk server window cannot be close, it can only minimize in the task bar and cannot be hidden if there's an active/connected viewer.
If there's no viewer connected, you can close the window.
We purposely designed it that way so that user will be aware that there's an active connection on the primary machine since we don't have security feature yet.
But we will take note of your request.

2. As for the "check for updates" feature, we already started this function but it's not yet finalized and needs further testing. As of now, we are currently more focused on higher prioritized features and bug fixes. It will not be available anytime soon.
This might be available when we release a non beta version (Pro).


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