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I just cannot conne...
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I just cannot connect to my pc in my iOS  

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My primary machine is a pc with an Nvidia GPU, my secondary is an iOS, and it doesn't auto-connect to the pc, I've already tried putting my IP but it doesn't work, I've tried re-installing both on the pc and phone, but it doesn't matter, please help.

It could possibly be hamachi. But please try to help me

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Hi @endii,
Are both primary machine and iOS device connected on the same local network?
Can you quickly try if you can connect via spacedesk HTML5 viewer on your iOS device.
Just open a web browser (e.g. safari or google chrome), then go to http://viewer.spacedesk.net/, and try to connect to the IP address of your primary machine.

For assistance, please also check troubleshooting chapter in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/##troubleshooting-network-connection.


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