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I can't conect a iP...
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I can't conect a iPhone divice  

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Hi i'm on the same network i downloaded the last version on my both devices and my phone don't detect my pc, if i add the server ip-address i can wait 10 minutes and nothing...


Plase say what i can do

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spacedesk Lea
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If spacedesk iOS viewer cannot detect the primary machine, could you please check the Troubleshooting Network Connection steps in our user manual. 
If troubleshooting did not help, could you please try the spacedesk HTML5 viewer page on your iPhone device and check if you can connect to the spacedesk server.
Just open a web browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome) on your iPhone, then go to http://spacedesk.ph/html5viewer, then try to connect to the IP address of your primary machine.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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