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How to uninstall ?
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How to uninstall ?  

Val esno
Posts: 1
New Member
Joined: 8 months ago

I've dowload it and it was cool but now I want to uninstall it because it mess up my computer a little.

I uninstalled the software but I don't know how am I supposed to uninstall the driver.

Could you help me ?

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spacedesk Lea
Posts: 988
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Joined: 1 year ago
You can uninstall using the spacedesk installer, just select remove.
Or you can also uninstall via Windows Control Panel / Windows Settings -> Apps & features, just find spacedesk Windows Driver on the apps list.
For assistance, please refer to the Uninstall on Windows Primary Machine chapter in our user manual for detailed instructions on how uninstall.

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