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How to automatically launch spacedesk after Windows startup.  

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Is this possible to connect automatically after my PC startup? I don't want to configure spacedesk everytime manually.
So the best way should be like that:

1. Turn on PC (automatically launch spacedesk and connect with my PC)

2. Turn off PC (automatically disconnect and close spacedesk)

Can someone help? 😛 

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1. Is your secondary machine also Windows?
If yes, you can auto-start the spacedesk Windows Viewer app, please refer to the Auto-Start Windows Viewer chapter in our user manual.
Then make sure you also configure the Auto-Connect setting of the Viewer.
Please check the Automatic Connect chapter.

2. When you turn OFF/shutdown the PC (primary machine), the viewer app will detect it as power suspend and it will disconnect but will try to reconnect once you turn the PC ON again.
Unfortunately it will not automatically close by it self if it detects a shutdown on your primary machine, you'll have to manually close the viewer in this case. 

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