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How I change screen resolution in Android viewer (Spacedesk Viewer for android)  

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is because I can't set to 1910x1080, or atleast 1366x768, because my tablet is 1910x1080, says that I can't change to another screen resolution, the max is 1024x768, how I solve it?


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Hi @nico,
If your android tablet has native reoslution of 1910x1080, and in spacedesk viewer settings -> Resolution -> Use native android device resolution is checked, then you should be able to change the resolution to 1910x1080 using the display settings window on your primary machine.

You can also use custom resolution like 1366x768 by checking the spacedesk Android viewer settings -> Resolution -> Use custom resolution, then select 1366x768 in the Choose Custom resolution dropdown list.



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