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How does the new ve...
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How does the new version work?  

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I was forced to upgrade to the new version of the software today and it is nothing like the old beta version! I used to be able to do several things that I can no longer do like:

*set custom resolution for my secondary screen
*choose whether to mirror or extend my primary screen
*choose to switch mouse tracking on or off (use my secondary screen as a mouse pad or as a screen)
*auto-rotate my secondary screen so the image being transmitted was the right way up
*control when I connected my devices via Spacedesk

Now I find that the new version will connect and then once connected it will not ever disconnect. When I shut down my laptop my tablet still displays a black screen! I can't get out of display view and access Spacedesk settings. The only way I have found this to work is to put both my laptop and my tablet into flight mode and then wait for the app to crash out on the tablet. This is obviously not something I want to do every time I want my screens to stop sharing, or to adjust settings.

I also find that the display settings keep reverting and the default is screen mirroring, with the mouse on the secondary screen and the secondary screen upside down. The resolution of the second screen is so tiny I can hardly read the writing, while my laptop seems to be set to huge font. All my desktop icons display on the tablet screen and not on the laptop screen. I can no longer set custom resolution for the tablet screen, and even if I could, I can't access it because I can never escape screen sharing.

As it stands, this app no longer works as intended. I want to occasionally use my tablet as a secondary screen, not turn it into a dedicated monitor for my laptop that never sleeps!

Can anyone help me figure it out?

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Hi @rebeccawood,
The recent spacedesk version should still work as before.
What is the previous working version on your primary machine?

For further analysis, could you please send us the following details.
Primary Machine
- operating system (Windows 8.1/10)?
- graphics adapter (AMD/Intel/Nvidia)
- network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)

Secondary Machine
- Viewer type (Android/iOS/Windows/HTML5)
- network connection type (wired/wireless/USB tethering/WiFi Direct)


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