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How did spacedesk m...
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How did spacedesk manage to achieve such low latency ?  

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Hello everyone


I m very curious. spacedesk seems to achieve a glass to glass latency of 50 ms which is extremly low.

I  want to know about its under the hood working mechanics. How does it work ? does it encode > Stream > Decode


I m extremly puzzeled as i know that such latencies are near impossible to achieve when streaming via a network :O


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spacedesk Marcel
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There is not any single simple answer to this question. Our team has been doing Windows device driver, embedded and (as far as possible on Windows) real time software since 25 years. The downside of spacedesk's low latency is higher network load. To achieve this low latency, spacedesk has to sacrifice compression ratio. This is why spacedesk works extremely well on very strong cable network connections without routers in between. As soon as routers or even WiFi comes into place, the performance drops significantly due to suboptimal compression ratio resulting in higher network load. To significantly  improve performance performance in these scenarios with Routers and WiFi, spacedesk will probably offer h264 hardware encoding soon. In the meantime, WiFi performance can be improved by creatteing a WiFi hotspot on one end and connect to it before connecting to spacedesk. This eliminates the router. 


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