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[Solved] Help! Error code: 1-2-0 | Error Info: 0-3-4  

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Error Code: 1-2-0

Error Info: 0-3-4

Connection time: 00:00:01


System: Windows 7-64 bits and spacedesk: ver. 0.9.20

Security software: Avast - I have included it in the whitelist although there was no security warning.
Firewall: Comodo + HIPS - also the white list (in fact datronicsoft is already included in the white list by default).

Also, I get the next message on my PC:

Error - Driver not available!


I would greatly appreciate your help.



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spacedesk Lea
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Could you please download the spacedesk_LateActivationDisable.zip here then right-click Extract files.
Inside you will find spacedesk_LateActivationDisable.cmd file, just right-click and run as administrator then reboot your Windows 7 primary machine.
After reboot, please check if you still get the "error - driver not available".
Looking forward to your feedback.
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Yes, it worked!
Thank you very much for your prompt response and I look forward to version 1.0 of spacedesk.

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