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Feature Request: Sp...

Feature Request: Spacedesk Driver - Close to System Tray  

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Hi there

As mentioned above I would like to be able to minimise the server application to the system tray notification area rather than the taskbar in order to save some screen real estate.  Further, if at all possible, make the connection controller options available by right clicking on the system tray icon in order to turn the server on and off.

I know you probably have more pressing issues in development but would be grateful if you'd consider these cosmetic/quality of life changes for a future release.

Many thanks


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spacedesk Lea
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Your feature request is noted. We have received quite similar request from some users.
This will need further discussion with the team.
In case you encounter any issues or if you have other suggestions for improvements just let us know.
We are always glad to receive user feedback.
For further questions and/or discussions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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