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Feature Request: On the desktop viewer app, make "keep monitor active" work only when connected  

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First I want to say that you've done an amazing job with this software so far and it works like a charm after properly configuring it. Thanks a lot!

My setup consists of two laptops: primary and secondary. Both with windows 10 LTSC.

  • The primary laptop is used as the driver removed link
  • The secondary laptop has an external monitor plugged in it, projecting content only on that monitor.
  • The secondary laptop is used as the viewer removed link
  • I'm using both "Automatic Connect" and "Keep Monitor Active" on the viewer settings.

I wish to have my secondary laptop running permanently, with its monitor turning off after 10 minutes of inactivity. If I run the spacedesk driver on my primary laptop, the secondary will automatically connect, but when the spacedesk driver is off, there's no need for the monitor to stay on. Unfortunately the "Keep Monitor Active" is either always enabled or disabled. Can you make a third option to only have it enabled on connect?


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Thank you very much for your input, we will consider it.
As of now, if "Keep Monitor Active" is checked it prevents the client machine from going off (display off/ pc sleep) only on connected state.
We might improve the option and change it to "Keep monitor active while connected", probably in our next version.

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