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Error Code: 2-5 Err...
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Error Code: 2-5 Error Info: 0-5  

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Cant connect to primary


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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @valfes,

What is the connection time below the error code info?
Is your primary machine Windows 8.1/10?
Is your secondary machine Android/iOS/Windows?

Did you notice any error notification in the primary machine upon connection attempt?
Please also check the troubleshooting chapter in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/.

For further analysis, could you please run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine,
click "Save all information", save the output file (dxdiag.txt) then attach it on your next reply.
Please take note that Attach option below the text editor will be visible after your first or second post.


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