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Error Code: 2-5  

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I have installed Spacedesk on both the PC (Windows 10 64 bit) and Samsung Tab S7+ but when I click the Primary Machine (PM) to connect it throws out Error Code: 2-5. When I checked the display driver in the PM device manager, I don't see the Spacedesk driver although the msi installation did not have any error during the installation. Please help! 

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Hi @siewmei,

With our most recent spacedesk Driver v0963, spacedesk Graphics Adapter in device manager will only be visible after a successful client/viewer connection.

What is the connection time on your viewer, below the error code?
Did you notice any error notification on your primary machine's taskbar's notification area upon connection attempt?

For assistance, please also check our troubleshooting chapters in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/.


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