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"error code: 1-2-0 ...
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"error code: 1-2-0 error info: 0-3-4"  

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Hello, I have a problem, when trying to connect any device to my main pc, my device says "error code: 1-2-0
error info: 0-3-4 "and my pc says" Duet Display, Fresco Logic, etc ... Detected, incompatible display hook driver"I read the manual but I don't have any OSBASE program and I'm absolutely sure that it is not a connection problem , I need help, this application is very useful to my

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @edixon
Do you have splashtop installed on your primary machine?

To check if any of the following driver is running on your primary machine, please run command prompt as administrator then type the following commands and check if status is RUNNING:
sc query ddkmd
sc query FLxHCIv
sc query lci_proxykmd
sc query lci_proxywddm

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