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[Closed] Duplicate display  

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Hello,I installed spacedesk and I do not have the duplicate option, only "Extend these display", "Show only on 1" and "Show only on 2".

I am under windows 10 1709 an my phone is under Android 8.My resolution in my PC is 1600x900 and my phone is 1920x1080.
Any ideas

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spacedesk Marcel
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Windows 10 Desktop duplication (mirroring) is not available if the graphics adapter driver version is too old and does not support WDDM 2.0.
Latest graphics adapter driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website (Intel, AMD or Nvidia).
Unfortunately, there are some old graphics adapters which have not been updated for Windows 10 and may not support WDDM 2.0.
In this case, Desktop duplication with spacedesk is only possible if the graphics driver is downgraded to Microsoft Basic Display driver via Device Manager.

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