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Does the Server/Cli...
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Does the Server/Client App expires?  

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I have used Spacedesk like 2 years back in my 2 laptop for 2nd screen. And I really loved it.

But unfortunately the software server software expierd after some days. But in the website it was stated as free before.


So my question is at least the newer version is free or non-commercial use without any expire date? Or we do have exprie date?



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spacedesk Lea
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Our spacedesk BETA (old/current) version will always have expiration date.
For current BETA version (v0.9.18), it will expire on December 31, 2019.

Only non-BETA version (version 1.0 and Viewer Pro versions) will not have the expiration date.
Currently, there's no specific release date yet for this version.

Please always visit our website's Release Overview - Future Release Schedule for more details.

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