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Do not know what is...
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Do not know what is the problem  

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I am using spacedesk for few weeks without any problem, but just now i just disabled many services feom services.msc, which i do not want to use to make my laptop fast, and i checked that spacedesk service is running and all the services with metwor and peer at starring is running, I can connect with wifi and ethernet,(wifi sign is disappeared from task bar after disabling those services),.

 I can also open spacedesk server application and it shows these

    Computer : my computer name

     Status: ON (idle)

    Connection: 0

But i can not detect my laptop on phone (neither connecting through wifi nor using usb ethernet)


Please help me

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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @saif,

Can you please try, one by one, to start the services you disabled?
Then, with every service started, check if your client device can detect and connect to your primary machine.


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