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Error code: [-, -, 2, 5, 0]

Error info: [-, -, 0, 2, 4]

Connection time: 00:00:01

Windows 10/64 - vers. 17763

Hey guys,

Any help would be appreciated. I use this to connect my iPad to my PC for flight simulation, and it is the greatest program! It just started acting up recently, within the past 2-3 weeks.



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spacedesk Lea
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This error indicates that the primary machine can be reached over the network but connection fails after the indicated connection time.
Is the server showing an error message bubble?
Is the spacedesk server status on the primary machine set to spacedesk ERROR upon connection attempt?

For further assistance, please also refer to the Troubleshooting Primary Machine chapters in our user manual.

Could you please send us the following for further analysis:
- all spacedesk_log_xxxx.etl log files located in  C:\Users\Public\spacedesk_logs folder
- run dxdiag.exe on your Primary Machine, click "Save all information" and send us the output file (Dxdiag.txt)
Please save it all in one folder then right-click -> Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder, the attach the zip file on your next reply. There should be an "Attach file" option below the editor.
Looking forward to your reply.

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