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Disconnecting my NV...
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Disconnecting my NVIDIA driver  

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Hello. 1st time I installed SpaceDesk everything was fine, I was able to see screen on my primary machine (monitor) and on my Android screen. After one day it stopped working. When I connect my SpaceDesk my monitor just blank off and machine disconnect my NVIDIA drivers, android screen start to be like my main screen. Can you help to sort that out?

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The main monitor display is probably detached and automatically sets the android viewer screen as primary display. When this happen, could you please try to open display settings window (on your android viewer screen), in there you will see a detached display, click/select it then scroll down on Multiple displays drop down menu and select "Extend/Duplicate these displays".
Or use display switch, just press Windows logo + P hot key then select Extend/Duplicate.

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