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Couldnt find networ...
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Couldnt find network connection error  

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I have done everything, check the exeption for firewall box, rechecked through firewall, no vpn or third party firewall  is active, check internet connections, but still doesnot install. Please help

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spacedesk Lea
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What exactly is the problem?
Is it error on installation?
Or is it a problem with viewer cannot discover the primary machine?

For further analysis, could you please send us the following details:
Primary machine
- operating system (Windows 7/8.1/10) ?
- graphics adapter (AMD/Intel/Nvidia)?
- network type (wired/wireless/usb tethering/wifi direct)?
Secondary machine
- client/viewer type (android/iOS/windows/html5)?
- network type (wired/wireless/usb tethering/wifi direct)?

Looking forward to your feedback.


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