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Connection of Ipad Air to Desktop PC  

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I am interested in using my ipad as a second screen for my desktop pc. the desktop pc is connected to the Internet via Ethernet while the ipad will/can be connected to the internet via a wifi network. So, my question is the following: can I use a wire to connect the desktop with the ipad in order, eventually, to use the ipad as the second screen by the use of the spacedesk? In other words, can the spacedesk work with a wired connection between the ipad and the desktop pc?

Thank you in advance for kind assistance and support

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Hi @vakat,

Yes, you can use your iPad as second screen of your desktop PC using spacedesk software as long as both desktop and iPad are connected on the same local area network (wired or wireless).
For assistance, please check our user manual on how to setup and operate spacedesk driver and viewer app https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/.


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