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Connecting from Windows 10 Home version to iPad (7th gen) wi-fi only  

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Hello Developers,

I found spacedesk a wonderful product. Thanks for the same.

My server is Windows 10 home version on Dell laptop and client is iPad (7th gen) wi-fi only". 

I have following questions:

1) I am using Spacedesk mainly for photo-editing because my laptop screen does not show colors as accurately as iPad. Hence this workaround. I see edited image on iPad but actual editing is done using keyboard and mouse of my laptop. Therefore my laptop screen needs to remain open even though iPad also displays my image. The option that use is - Duplicate Screen. When I do that the mirror image doesn't cover the full ipad screen. So the photo being edited looks smaller. If I shut the laptop monitor, the mirror image occupies entire iPad. But then I am not able to use the keyboard. How do I get full mirror image on iPad without shutting the monitor of laptop?

2) When I use "Extend Screen" option, the image changes its orientation on iPad. How can that be corrected?

3) How to duplicate my laptop screen using lightning-to-USB cable? Is it possible on "Wi-Fi only" model of iPad? If yes, how? 

Thank you.




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if you Right click your laptop screen and select display you should see your ipad there , click on it and change the orientation

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Hi @shrirang,

1. You might try to temporarily detach your laptop display and make your iPad display as main display.
- connect viewer on iPad as Extend
- open your display settings (just right-click somewhere on your screen and click "display settings") in your laptop and it will show the 2 displays, click the "Identify" button to determine which display to detach (e.g. #1 primary display and #2 secondary display which is your iPad)
- On your display settings scroll down on Multiple displays dropdown menu and click "Show only on 2" (if your display #2 is the viewer on your iPad)
This steps will detach your laptop's display temporarily and will automatically set your secondary display as primary display and you can still use your laptop's mouse and keyboard.

2. This can be corrected using the display settings also. Just open the display settings and scroll down until you find the "Display orientation" dropdown menu.

3. Currently native USB cable connection is not supported by spacedesk.
But if your iPad supports USB tethering, you can connect your spacedesk viewer app over the USB tethering connection.
With USB tethering you can establish a private network connection between your laptop and iPad device.
For more info, please check Performance tuning -> USB tethering chapter in our user manual https://spacedesk.net/user-manual.


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