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Connecting 2 PCs th...
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Connecting 2 PCs through Ethernet/USB network and use WiFi  

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I have been using spacedesk for a while now, and been able to cope with the lag it gets using it through the wifi. However I would like to try a wired connection (2 windows 10 laptops) while still being able to use the internet (wifi) on my main laptop. Is this possible or the laptop will try to send all the traffic through the wired connection?


I have tried connecting Spacedesk using mobile hotspot and while it works better than using the normal wireless network through the router, some lag is still present.

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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @juanobanano,

Yes, a wired connection for spacedesk and able to use the Internet at the same time is possible.

You can determine the IP address of a certain connection using our spacedesk tray application.
Click on our spacedesk tray icon located in the Windows taskbar of the primary machine.
For an example of both wired and wireless connection, please see attached image.

Then, on your client device, just select the correct IP address.


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