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Connected but only ...
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Connected but only desktop showing no icons and only win task manager on bottom line  

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The title says all. Connected and can change from pc to Android no problem. Running nvidia surrond on 3 screens 1920x1080 or 5760x1080.

On Android i can see the desktop background and if i activate it/toutch it and the mouse cursor appears then i can get the bottom bar to show and the win icon, cortana icon and taskmanager.

If I open other apps or games they do not appear on the android, only the background. Clicking on the win button fx shows the popup win thing where you can chose apps etc but they do not show on the android if clicked (calculator fx)

Tried on Note 8 and samsung tablet, but all the same.

Opening other windows Crome fx does not show, not even if dragged on all screens in PC.

pls. help 

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @fryns,
Is your spacedesk connected over wireless network?
Maybe screen update on your android viewer is just slow?
Can you also try other connection e.g. wifi direct or USB tethering?

Did you check the position of the spacedesk secondary display in display settings?
Maybe you are dragging a window in wrong direction?

For further analysis, could you please run dxdiag.exe on your primary machine, click "Save all Information", save the output file (dxdiag.txt)
PS: Attach option should be visible after your second post.


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