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Connect when on Edu...
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Connect when on Eduroam?  

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I want to use my laptop (connected through Wifi) as a second monitor. It does not find my primary computer (connected through ethernet), and will not connect to it when i try to add using the IP-address. I am on the university network (Eduroam) and see that i am not able to ping either of the computers. They also have different default gateways. 

Anyone know if it is possible to connect over eduroam? 

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Hi @kake123,

We have similar reports regarding connection problem when using public wireless network, but on some reports spacedesk is working.
Typically we cannot troubleshoot networks in public places.
We assume that one reason might be your university's wireless router settings could have wireless isolation enabled.
With this settings, it will prevent direct communication between the connected computers/devices.

You can still make it work by establishing a private network connection between your primary and secondary machine using cross over erthernet connection using LAN cable or WiFi Direct connection.
For more info please check Performance tuning -> Network Bandwidth chapter in our user manual. https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/


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