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Clipboard sharing?
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Clipboard sharing?  

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Hi, just to give a big 'thanks' - Spacedesk is really working beautifully (Windows 7), but I notice there is no clipboard sharing between primary and secondary machine(s).

I mostly remote control the primary machine from my secondary machine (and switching back when required). With this setup I don't really need to touch the primary machine keyboard + mouse much (except to validate some action 'as Adminisitrator'), but clipboard sharing will be really useful in this scenario.

I googled to find out more, but cannot find any mention of it (or lack of it) regarding Spacedesk.I think it is safe to assume then it is not supported.

Can I ask for it to be added it to the Spacedesk feature "wish list"?

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We are glad that spacedesk is working well on your side.
Yes, clipboard sharing is not supported at the moment.
Your feature request is noted.
This feature will be in our long term plan (maybe 1-2 years from now), and will not be available anytime soon.
Currently we are very busy with higher prioritized features and bug fixes.



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