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client freeze witho...
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client freeze without mouse on display.  

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hi, i just installed spacedesk on win7 64bit server and win7 32 bit client and very pleased but only one problem.

im using fs 2004 and wanted to add another screen for front view which works on a dualhead matrox box on client.

my view is ok and see the front of my motors turning when the server mouse pointer is on that screen, but after 4-5 seconds the pointer dissapears and the view freezes, i just move the pointer again and it restarts turning again, or if i move my pointer back to the server screen it stops on client again.

if i take the pointer off off the client spacedesk screen in a corner, it doesn't dissapear, and put it back on the spacedesk screen after 4-5 seconds, freezes again.

so i cant fly my plane without always moving the pointer on the front view, what could be the problem?


thanks in advance, waiting to fly again.

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Hi @palcair,
This is actually a known issue (probably limitation) of spacedesk on Windows 7 machine, if you have non aero theme activated.

Do you have aero-theme enabled on your Windows 7 x64 primary machine?
Could you please run services.msc on your primary machine, find the "desktop window manager" and check if it's running?


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