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Change spaceDesk Viewer Window Title  

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Hi all,

is it possible to adjust the window title of the SpaceDesk Viewer in Windows 10? I am capturing windows in a video production software (OBS) and the capturing mechanism relies on the title of the window, which makes it difficult to capture two Spacedesk Viewer windows at the same time. 

Maybe there is a way to change the title through command line options or something similar?

Having said this, are there any other interesting command line options to be used with the Spacedesk Viewer? E.g. automatically connect to a specific server selected through a command line option? 

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @ferdif,
With current spacedesk Windows Viewer version, the window title cannot be changed.
We are currently rewriting our windows viewer app. But we will discuss with the team if it can be considered. 

Our current windows viewer app already has Auto-Connect settings to IP address or Host name, you can try to enable it and use command line to just run the windows viewer.


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