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change exit and entrance-area in display + what after 31.12.2019  

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Thanks for your support with the great software. It's fun to try it.

Pity, I cannot figure out how to change the exit and entrance-sides of my two displays: when I want to get a window from primary monitor (righside) to secondary monitor (leftside) I need to drag it into the right frame-position of the primary and it appears in the left frame-position of the secondary. Vice versa would be perfect.

Additionally, can you please tell me what will happen when the trial expires at the end of the year.

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spacedesk Lea
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You can easily rearrange the position of your displays via windows display settings, just drag the displays to your desired position then apply the changes.
We will make sure that there will always be a free BETA available (with extended expiration date) on the spacedesk website until small scale licensing will become available.

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