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Can't uninstall spacedesk windows server  

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I am on windows 10 and am having trouble uninstalling the spacedesk windows server. I have tried uninstalling from the windows apps & features page, as well as trying the uninstall button on windows start. Lastly, I tried using the uninstaller located in C:\Program Files\datronicsoft . None of these methods worked, and I am stuck on a popup that says "Please wait while Windows configures spacedesk Windows DRIVER" with a green progress bar that never moves. Hitting the cancel button on that screen also doesn't work. Checking task manager reveals a program called "MSIEF20.tmp" running, and the only way to get out of the uninstall popup is to end task on it.

Bottom line, I would like to remove all spacedesk software from my computer, and I am not able to do so.

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Hi @jackpot3minus,
Can you check if there's a pending User Access Control (UAC) prompt during this uninstallation?
Maybe it's preventing the uninstallation to proceed?

If it get past the UAC prompt and still uninstallation fails, could you please try to uninstall the previous driver using the Microsoft Fix tool.
For instruction please check the UNINSTALL ON WINDOWS PRIMARY MACHINE -> Troubleshooting Uninstall chapter in our user manual. https://spacedesk.net/user-manual/


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