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Can't see Nighthawk...
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Can't see Nighthawk Data hub which runs on Cellular Network  

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Primary machine operating system - Windows10
- Tablet operating system - Android

- Primary machines's Graphics adapter - NVIDIA GeForcenRTX 2060
- Network connection - Wireless/Wifi via Netgear Nighthawk Cellular Data Device on Telstra (Australian) cellular service

When I setup spacedesk via home wifi it just falls into place, nothing I try to do will see the laptop via the space desk app on android when using the Nighthawk wifi. I've made sure that the tablet and laptop are on the same wifi network via the nighthawk and I've tried manually adding the IP address of the network and the laptop but it just sits there running without a result.




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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @bmdean1953,
Do you have third party firewall software? Maybe you need to add C:\Windows\system32\spacedeskService.exe in the exception list.
or do you have VPN currently active?
Can you also check your wifi router if network isolation is enabled? This settings also prevents direct communication between connected devices.

For assistance, please also check Troubleshooting - Network Connection chapter in our user manual


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