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[Solved] Can´t install the spacedesk programs on the website  

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Joined: 7 months ago

Hello to whom it may concern,

So when i try to click the "download" button at your site it doesn´t work, not on my pc (main machine) and neither on my laptop (second machine).


If i click the "Download Now" button it just scrolls down a bit on the site and nothing happens, not even some kind of error-message.

Tried already to disable my anti-virus program ( firewall,etc. ) but doens´t change anything.

I´m kind of clueless which thing blocks the download of the setup files on your site.


Maybe these infos about my computer can help you:

  -windows 10 pro (newest version of it), 64 bit system

  -processor: intel core i7-6700K 4.00 GHz


Best regards,


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spacedesk Nicole
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Hi @skipperfabi,

I've attached a screenshot of the download section of our page.
When you clicked the Download Now button, did it not show this section?
Did it not expand to show the information and other download buttons for the Windows 10 installer?

If it did, have you tried to click the download button for the Windows 10 (64bit) installer?

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I am facing the same exact problem. I click on the download Link, then the download button and it just takes me back to the main page.

I even tried downloading the .msi directly by copying the URL or clicking Save Link As and the browser says "Failed - No file".
The URL I copied was: removed link

I have tried in Chrome and Internet Explorer and both browsers produce the same error and are unable to download the file.

spacedesk Marcel
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spacedesk Website changed.
At some point in time, download buttons did not work (e.g. German language download button).
At some point in time, download buttons offered old versions.
It should al be fixed now. 
Please try again now.

Marcel Rüdinger

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Thank you  for the fast replies.


Worked now perfectly. Very great support btw, keep it up 🙂


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