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Cannot Connect - Er...
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Cannot Connect - Error code -,-,2,5,0; Error Info -,-,0,2,4  

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I am unable to connect with my iPad. I'm getting Error code -,-,2,5,0; Error Info -,-,0,2,4

Error on the primary computer:

DisplayLink Driver Detected

Incompatible Display Hook Driver

After I try to connect with the iPad it the Spacedesk Driver on the computer says Error.
Could you also please send us the following info:
Primary Machine
- Windows 10 1809
- Graphics Adapter : Intel HD Graphics 5500
- Network type: wireless and USB
Secondary Machine
- viewer type: iOS 12.2
- Network type: wireless and USB tethering
I have run dxdiag.exe on the primary machine, 
I've saved the information in the .txt file.  I'll send it when you reply.  I don't see an attach file button.
 Thanks for your help!
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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @biggsm,

This error message indicates that another display hook driver is present on your system.
For more details please read about Incompatible Display Hook Driver Detected chapter in our user manual.

In your case, our spacedesk server detects an old driver of DisplayLink in your primary machine.
Please uninstall it and download the latest driver of DisplayLink (for Windows 10) which should work now with spacedesk.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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