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Can SpaceDesk allow...
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Can SpaceDesk allow a Tablet to use a laptop as a dual monitor?  

Aaron Z
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Dear  Space Desk,
I own a home improvement contracting company that does in home estimates.
For years we've been doing all of our estimates with pen and paper.
This year, we are migrating to a cloud based CSR software and are seeking to be as paperless as possible.
Currently when our sales representatives sits at the kitchen table doing a sales presentation, they use a three ring binder full of printed pictures of our products and services.  Very old school.
I'd like to move away from this antiquated model and use two Android tablets (or a laptop and an android Samsung Tab A tablet) instead.
I need the ability to have the primary tablet (2019 samsung Tab A 8" with tmobile cellular service) to be able to use the secondary tablet (2018 Samsung Tab A 8" or a less expensive laptop running windows 10) as a second monitor just like a desktop machine with dual monitors... able to run two applications at a time (one application on the tablet's screen, and a secondary application on the  laptop or second tablet screen).
It would be nice to be able to do this wirelessly as long as it is rock solid reliable and has no lagging latency issues... otherwise, I don't mind tethering them via a USB cable.
Probably the preferred method would be using the tablet with a laptop running windows 10 so the sales rep could have the use of a keyboard and a wireless mouse (a time consuming part of putting the estimate together involves using a google sheets excel type file), and use the mouse to open apps on the tablet and drag apps from one screen to the next.
But to be clear, I need the apps to be running on the tablet (with wireless internet capability) because my sales reps are running a cloud based app (Service Titan Mobile) for most of their day to day operations (clocking in and out, GPS tracking, dispatching and communication with our office CSR's, doing estimates, invoices, documenting the job with pictures etc).
Here is the work flow the way I imagine it:  
1.  Using the Samsung Tab A tablet, our sales technician takes pictures of the needed chimney or window screen repairs that are needed, doodlng directly on the pictures of the areas in need of repair.
2.  After all the pictures are taken, the sales rep sits down at the customer's table and uses an app to use a windows 10 laptop computer's display as a secondary monitor.
3.  Using the laptop keyboard and mouse, the sales technician opens up a google sheets document on the samsung Tablet, and then drags the application onto the laptop computer's monitor.
4.  next, using the laptop mouse, the sales technician opens the native photo app on the samsung Tab A to view the pictures that were just taken. 
5.  Next, the sales technican references the pictures and the needed measurements and specs written on the picturs to fill out the google sheets spreadsheet to put the repair estimate together. 
6.  The sales rep then shows the pictures to the customer on the samsung Tab A screen, and then shows the prices for the repairs on the laptop monitor, often bouncing back and forth between one picture after another and the spreadsheet.
7.  Two monitors is imperative for this sales presentation to be smooth and enjoyable for our customers.
8.  Again, these apps MUST be run from the Samsung tablet and NOT the laptop because our CSR software must be run on the tablet.
Can your software do what I have described above?  
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spacedesk Lea
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If your server/primary machine is the Samsung tablet (Tab A 8) which is an android device, then you cannot use spacedesk.
You cannot extend your Samsung tablet's screen using spacedesk.
Our spacedesk Driver/server only support Windows 10/8.1/7 operating systems.
You can only use your android tablets as secondary machine (via spacedesk android viewer app).
For more info, please refer to our spacedesk user manual.

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