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Black screen on and...
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Black screen on android  

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Hey team,

I just found this amazing app and was so excited to try this out. But unfortunately, I am having that black screen error on my android. That error is even persist on the HTML5Viewer. So in a nutshell I am facing that issue on my the android app and on the HTM viewer as well. I was reading other threads by other users and you guys were suggesting to run Dxdiag.exe so I have already ran that but I can not find an option to attach the file.

Waiting for a reply.


Kunal Dutta

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @kdspeaks,
Is it full black screen? Or does it show any status in the android viewer screen e.g. "Display OFF"?
Did you check on the primary machine side if the spacedesk SERVER shows connected status?
Attach file option will be visible after your first or second post.
Please check the reply text editor if it's visible now on your side, then you can attach it.

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