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Assistance in Connecting via WiFi  

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I am looking to connect spacedesk on my hp laptop (primary) to my samsung 5se tablet (secondary) cannot seem to make the connection via WiFi and tethering is not an option for this tablet. I did try wifi access point but my tablet was no picking up the internet from the laptop. As a test I tried to tether from my phone (Google pixel) and that seemed to work and connect with the primary sever. But again I want to use my tablet as the second screen. 


I have made the exception to the window firewall as well and that should be all good any insight into manually finding the server via the IP directly?


Thank you

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Hi @bmk88,

Are both laptop and samsung tablet connected on the same wifi network with the same network band/frequency (2.4Ghz/5Ghz)?

Can you also check if the wireless isolation is enabled on your wifi router?
If this is enabled, it will prevent direct communication between the connected devices.

Is network discovery enabled on your primary machine?
What is the current network profile on your laptop? Private or Public?

For assistance, please also check Troubleshooting - Network Connection chapter in the user manual


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