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Android connection to Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot without internet  

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I would like to make my android tablet into another screen without internet. I have enabled and connected over wifi using Hosted network. Tablet is I tried both and the listed ip in the spacedesk server which is and neither will connect with the firewall turned off. I think spacedesk server may be using the wrong adapter.

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spacedesk Lea
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Our spacedesk server is only detecting the network adapters available on your primary machine, you will be the one to choose on which network the spacedesk will connect.

If your android tablet is already connected to the hosted network you setup on your primary machine, then viewer app should be able to discover and connect to the primary machine's hosted network's IP address.
Does the viewer can discover the server's hosted network's IP address?

If viewer app was able to discover the primary machine but still cannot connect, could you please check if you notice any error bubble message on primary machine or an error code on viewer app upon connect.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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