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Android and windows 7?  

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In my Spacedesk Android app it is specified at opening that can only connect to Windows driver 0.9.25 or above. However, for W7 the latest is 0.9.20. My connection is not working. Does that mean I could not use it with w7 - Android? 

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spacedesk Lea
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Our spacedesk Android viewer app should still work with spacedesk Windows 7 Driver version 0.9.20.
Could you please try our most recent spacedesk Android app version 0.9.43.
If problem still persist, could you please tell us more about the connection problem.
Does the viewer able to discover your Windows 7 primary machine?
Does the viewer shows an error code upon connection attempt?
For further assistance please also refer to the troubleshooting steps in our user manual.
Looking forward to you feedback.

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