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Amazing Application...

Amazing Application! Can we develop with it?  

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I LOVE THIS APP.  I was searching for a simple solution to control many displays from one desktop, and this app does exactly what I need.  We are using it for our small mission control center where we fly UAV's.  I would love to integrate this technology with other parts of our software, is this possible?

I found that the current beta is a little buggy, but works well once you have it setup correctly (for me it was using 1gb lan and not wifi).  When do you expect the release version to be ready and do you have a cost model?  Currently we only need 1 server and 4 displays.



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Currently, spacedesk is still deep in BETA and we cannot offer small scale licensing (neither business nor private) at the moment.
Feel free to use the BETA version until it expires (on December 31, 2020).
Small scale licensing will only become available probably in the late 2019 or midterm 2020.
It will exclusively go through the App Stores (Google, Apple and Microsoft) and will not differentiate between business and private users.
The Viewer license without expiry date will range somewhere in between € 5 and € 10.
Probably there will always be a free Viewer version with limited feature set (without expiry date).
Probably the Server license will always remain free (without expiry date of course).

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