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add mouse and keyboard to Primary PC  

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Is there any possibility to add one mouse (virtual device) and one keyboard (virtual device) for each client ? ( like new USB mouse and new USB keyboard) Now there is only one mouse and one keyboard device for all clients, but every client has it's own monitor (device).

Thanks for answer.

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spacedesk Lea
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Currently it's not possible.
Can you please explain why you needed this feature?
Why the current remote mouse and keyboard control is not enough that you want to have a separate virtual  mouse and keyboard for each clients connected?

If there's enough users requesting the same feature and we might possibly consider it.
And if we decide to implement this, it will probably be in a long term plan.
It's not a kind of feature that can be implemented in a short term. This is actually a very difficult and tricky thing to add in our software.

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