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Forum: Ability to contact admins after ban  

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Hi, I signed up yesterday as @toefftoeff and opened two threads with different issues (thanks for the ultra fast responses btw). After opening the second one I got banned. I'm not able to do anything but it shows:

You have been banned. Please contact to forum administrators for more information.

I know you have to protect from spammers but sadly there is no possibility to contact the admins (at least I found none) but to open another account - which is definitely counterproductive to the original goal.

Could you unban my first account, delete this one and make it possible to contact you after getting banned? Thanks 🙂

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @toefftoeff2,
we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
we have already unbanned your 2 accounts.
Our current site auto-bans any first time users that posted URL/links.

You can contact the admin by replying to forum@spacedesk.ph email.


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