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8 monitors = strobo...
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8 monitors = stroboscope effect  

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Hello! I have a PC with three monitors, five more monitors were connected using Spacedesk with Lan. The main machine was isolated from the internet and Windows 10 was not updated on it. Once I had to go online and windows was forced to upgrade to version 1909. After that, when the last fifth monitor was connected, the image on all monitors starts flashing (strobe effect). I turn off one of the monitors (connected by spacedesk), everything works fine...

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spacedesk Lea
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Hi @kspigin,

Is your graphics adapter Nvidia?

Windows WDDM IddCx driver model (like our spacedesk driver) on Windows 10 1909 has this issue of screen flickering upon connecting the 5th virtual display.
This issue also happens with Microsoft's IddCx driver sample therefore this is a Windows IddCx driver bug with Nvidia graphics adapter. We actually reported this issue to Microsoft  months ago.

We assume they haven't released a hotfix for it on Windows 10 1909.
But on the latest Windows 10 v2004-20H2, this issue should be fixed.

We recommend you to update to latest Windows 10 v2004 or v20H2.


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