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3d apps going to 30...
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3d apps going to 30 fps sudden (gta v)  

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Note that whenever I'm on youtube running a video on one monitor and in main monitor playing the game. o fps it drops for 1 second to 30 FPS, exactly 30 fps and when I pause the video it doesn't happen ... the spacedesk is running on a notebook and smartphone. (the version what is running on smartphone is perfect work)

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Our spacedesk display consumes GPU memory since we are getting the desktop screen updates from the main graphics adapter and uses CPU for image compression before sending the frame updates over the network.
Running various applications (like 3D games and videos) and connecting spacedesk simultaneously will probably slow down the operation (on all apps) which results to FPS drop, since all these applications consumes GPU and CPU memory.
You can verify it by monitoring the GPU and CPU memory usage on your task manager.

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